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"The Think Quit programme is
a miracle it is incredible"

Di McDonald

"I will never smoke again"
Pam Gill

"I now have control over
something that had controlled
me for so long. Think quit is

Paul Clarke

"Think quit makes stopping

Susanne Martin

I believe if anyone really wants
to give up smoking, Think Quit is
the only way to go. The program is
full of ideas and strategies to put in
place not only for Q day but

Suzanne Martin 
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Why you smoke

The most common reasons people smoke are:
  • Associations/habits such as while having a coffee,
    after a meal, while driving etc.
  • Socialising with friends or when drinking alcohol
  • As a reward for finishing something, doing a good job or as a break
  • Feeling stressed, anxiety, angry or frustrated
  • To satisfy the nicotine cravings

As a youngster there is every likelihood that you were conditioned to smoke because of advertising directly and indirectly through sponsorships. From the famous Hoge’s line “Anyhow have a Winfield” to the freedom of the Marlboro Man and the cool of Camel’s Joe Cool. Smoking has been portrayed as a cool invigorating thing to do. Even candy cigarettes that so many people pretended to smoke as children have been linked to smoking and banned in many countries like Canada and the UK. Maybe you started smoking as a form of rebellion or to not feel left out with others your age.

What about all the actors who smoked? The epitome of cool, James Dean, John Wayne, Greta Garbo all smoked making it fashionable. It was too late when Yul Brenner realised the dangers of smoking. His famous last words were, “Whatever you do ………………” That’s right don’t smoke. It was too late for Brenner who sadly died in his sixties from lung cancer.


Once upon a time it was cool to smoke. Not any longer.
Brenner had his life cut short by smoking.
After years of smoking you will have created powerful associations or triggers that connect smoking and other events. Some people associate smoking to almost everything they do.

Read through this list and note which associations apply to you.

  • Stressed
  • Bored
  • Lonely
  • After a meal
  • Driving
  • With coffee
  • Watching TV
  • With alcohol
  • Socially
  • On phone
  • Escape
  • Other
And the majority of people smoke simply because they are addicted and can’t stop. The good news is that the Think Quit program has two great sessions to help you eliminate the desire to smoke in all these situations. You have a hypnosis session entitled, Disconnecting Past Connections as well as the Time Line Therapy session to help you reprogram the old patterns. Combine with these two sessions all the habit replacement strategies and you will find stopping a whole lot easier than you thought it would be.


THINK QUIT helps you eliminate the conditioned response of wanting a cigarette when having a cup of coffee,
after waking up, driving or finishing a meal
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