Welcome to the World’s most effective sleep program

Dear Sleeping Enthusiast,
It's time to say good bye to sleepless nights.

The Think Sleep program has been designed to help you do two things:

firstly, to help your body relax and unwind physically

secondly you will learn how to quieten your internal chatter.

The key to a good nights sleep is to switch off your thinking and let go of physical tension.

The Think sleep MP3 player has 12 sessions all created to help you sleep like a baby.

I look forward to helping you get a good nights sleep.

Sweet dreams,

Mark Stephens:
Author and Hypnotherapist



Think Sleep track list and times
1. Soften and relax 13 mins
2. Deep sleep phenomena 32 mins
3. Letting go 26 mins
4. Sleep and dream 25 mins
5. Sleep now 19 mins
6. Sleep on a rainbow 15 mins
7. Sleep temple 24 mins
8. Unwind and soften 14 mins
9. You are the light 23 mins
10. Inner smile 19 mins
11. Feel happy 23 mins
12. Deep natural sleep 30 mins

Follow these tips that will help you have a great nights sleep.

  • Avoid caffeine or other stimulants after midday everyday
  • Avoid alcohol for several hours before going to bed
  • Burn up tension throughout the day by doing a minimum of 30 minutes activity (i.e. walk, swim, cycle, gym etc)
  • Write lists for the next days activities before going to bed
  • Avoid anxiety by keeping a ‘worries journal' to get those thoughts out of your head and in a place where you can action them the next day
  • Drink chamomile tea as a relaxant
  • Listen to soft music before preparing for bed
  • Avoid action packed crime type shows before bed
  • Avoid large meals late in the evening
  • Include snooze foods in your evening meals – these foods include low fat dairy, soy products such as tofu, seafood, meats, poultry, whole grains, beans, hummus, lentils, eggs, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
  • Practise relaxation techniques as found in your Think Sleep sessions, such as progression muscle relaxation, lift and flop, and deep breathing

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